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Fashion & people

Illustrations and photos with fashion and people are an easy way to give your home a trendy touch. Find amazing posters and prints in several different styles, all with a personal touch.

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Paintings and posters with Fashion and People

Interior design is something that an increasing number of people is focusing on to create a comfortable, stylish and beautiful home. In addition to the traditional interior features such as colours, textiles and furniture, art in various styles is an important feature, as it gives you a unique and personal touch to your home. Our prints and posters inspired by fashion and people are available in all kinds of styles, like playful, graphic and minimalist. You will find something for all styles and any home. 

The art work you find at Nordic Poster Collective are all made by talented photographers, designers, illustrators and artists. They are based on stylish Scandinavian design in new and innovative style. Our prints and posters with fashion and people have become very popular, and we offer unique art that will enhance the room. Our artists have an incredible ability to capture and convey detail and expression in their work. Browse our range to find just the right posters or prints that is perfect for you and your home.

Inspired by fashion & people

It is obvious that we are all inspired by other people, so why not let prints and posters with fashion and people make way to your walls? Using the designs in the Nordic Poster Collective shop, you'll want to decorate your home with a variety of exciting posters and prints to decorate your walls. These kind of designs has become a favorite of many who want to create a home that is trendy and still elegant.

This category opens up for a varied range of motives, interpretations and creations. You will find everything from classic styled fashion illustrations to expressive human motives. Stylish fashion illustrations have actually had a great artistic symbol during all times. The beautiful silhouettes and thoughtful lines are amazing works to decorate all sorts of creative spaces with. Pictures with people, in turn, have a great ability to convey messages. This is something our talented photographers and illustrators used when they created their inspiring posters in this category. In addition to homes, offices and creative workplaces can also be suitably decorated using posters and prints with fashion designs. In our store you'll find playful and unique illustrations that are ideal for inspiring surroundings.