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Illustrations & patterns

Illustrations can be so very different. It could be anything from abstract patterns to beautiful interpretations of different phenomenas or objects. Our posters in different styles are created by talented designers from all over Sweden and the Nordic countries.

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Pictures and posters with illustrations and patterns

Our illustrations at Nordic Poster Collective are created by talented illustrators who have an incredible ability to capture feelings and messages. All the prints and posters you find in our shop are carefully selected and as a customer you are given the opportunity to choose from several exciting and unique illustrations, all inspired by Scandinavian design.

Among the posters in our store, you'll find illustrations created in several different ways. Some of our illustrators choose to work on a computer while others prefer to create with, among other things, paint, ink or pencil. Choosing illustrations as decorative elements for your home is not only trendy and fun - it's also an affordable option for those who want to decorate your walls with personal and unique Scandi art. These kind of prints and posters are also a great gift for anyone.

Dare to mix classy and trendy illustrations

It's hard not to be inspired when browsing through the varied range of artwork from our designers, and it's a real pleasure to discover the exciting styles of our Nordic illustrators. We offer everything from stylish illustrations with a visually minimalist feel to more alternative and playful works. You should of course base your selection in your personal taste, but try to be a bit daring when it comes to your interior design. A smart way to give life to your rooms and walls is to mix illustration in a few different ways. Why not decorate your walls with colorful digitalized illustrations that represent graphics and patterns, and then hang classic handmade illustrations in black and white to contrast to another wall? Let your inspiration run wild and let us at Nordic Poster Collective help you give a personal touch to your home. Buy posters online with us and decorate your home with beautiful illustrations.