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Photo art

Are you looking to decorate your home in a modern and stylistic fashion? Take a look at our carefully selected range of photo art from Nordic photographers and illustrators. You'll find everything from beautiful scenery to exciting architecture from cities like London, Paris and Stockholm.

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Prints and posters with photo art

When it comes to home decor and design, photo art has grown enormously in recent years and is today a modern feature in many homes. You will often find a lot of photo art in creative offices and trendy homes. Photo art offers endless possibilities for interior design and decoration. Thanks to a variety of color, style and method of production, you can easily create contrasts and exciting visual effects with posters and prints with photo art.

Here at Nordic Poster Collective you will find all kind of photo art in one and the same place. We carefully select all the photos you can find in our store. Our incredibly talented photographers and illustrators have an impressive ability to maintain the Nordic feel for minimalist design while using both innovation and a little tickling provocation. You can choose from analogue polaroid images to creative photo montages and post-develop manipulated motifs. In other words, there is something that will look good in all kind of rooms, both in your home and at work. All our posters are printed on a high-quality matte paper.

Decor with photo art

Previously, photo art was not considered to belong to the art scene in the same way as today. At that time, exclusive art was mostly about advanced oil paintings or diffuse watercolors. Nowadays, however, the art scene has welcomed alternative forms, and photo art has grown strong - both in galleries and in homes. One of the major advantages of photo art is the reasonable price for a piece of art work. It does not have to be expensive to decorate your home with beautiful art.

At the moment, one trend in photo art is using fashion images. Another trend is to use photo posters in bigger formats to create an impact. At Nordic Poster Collective you have the advantage of choosing between photo art created by various photographers and illustrators, all inspired by Scandinavian design. This means that you can not only choose the kind of style you like the most, but you can also be inspired to dare to make more bold choices than you previously done. When choosing your favourite posters and prints, focus on your personal style and add a few trendy elements. It can be anything from mixing big and small prints to using both monochrome and colorful posters to decorate your walls.