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Plants & flowers

We all do not have the ability to keep plants alive. Beautiful posters with different plants and flowers can be an easy way to bring in more greenery in your home.

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Prints and posters with plants and flowers

That greenery and plants brings harmony to your home is a well-known fact. But we are not all talented with keeping them alive, and if you're anything like us, prints and posters can be a nice way to bring in more flowers in your home.

Our wide range of floral prints and posters has art work from our many different designers and you'll find posters with plants that are both photographed, based on delicate drawings and painted. All of our posters are printed on a beautiful, high quality matte paper in Sweden. 

Friday Flowers or trendy potted plants?

Whether you prefer fresh cut flowers or potted plants, you can buy floral and botanical prints with beautiful posters online in our store. You'll find roses, magnolia, poppies, fern and palm leaves, both as individual flowers or in patterns that create harmony in your home. Single leaves and grass also create beautiful posters that is perfect to use as a poster when you decorate your home.