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Typography & quotes

Decorate your walls with inspiring quotes, wise words of wisdom, or give away a poster or print with a loving message from Nordic Poster Collective.

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Prints and posters with typography and quotes

In this category you'll find loads of exciting and inspiring posters and prints with quotes and wise words well worth a spot on the wall. Our artwork is produced by a group of outstanding Scandinavian designers who represent Nordic design in the best possible way. As founders of this store, we strive to offer creative, inspiring and unique products. At Nordic Poster Collective you will find everything from handwritten text to simple linearly designed posters that you can buy online. The charm of our range of art with quotes is that every designer has their own style and also their own way of working, which means that we can offer posters and prints created in ink, watercolor or pencils. We also have artwork that is hundred percent processed digitally. In other words, there is something for all styles. The message in our posters and prints with quotes does not follow a specific theme, we have everything fromf love messages and motivational words of wisdom to playful words. You will also find well-known quotes that have been newly interpreted and processed in an interesting way.

Decorate your walls with inspiring quotes

When you decorate your home, you usually start out by focus on colors and furniture, and it easy to forget the wall decoration and personal details. In fact, however, we all need inspirational details in our homes or at our workplace. Putting posters and prints with quotes on your walls will not only add a personal touch to the room as a whole, it can also inspire you in your everyday life. Here at the Nordic Poster Collective, we have a varied and interesting range of prints and posters with quotes and wisdom words made by our amazing creative and talented designers. You can undoubtedly find something that you'll like for your home - an everyday thoughtful message or perhaps a inspirational quote next to your bed so that you are reminded every morning as you step up from the bed.

Whether you're looking for a poster or print with a Scandinavian design, for yourself or for giving away as a gift, you'll be surprised at how much you can actually be inspired by this kind of art. Feel free to take your time when you browse our range of posters and prints with quotes, text and typography, and find the wise, fun and motivational texts just what you need in your everyday life.