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How to create a picture wall with posters

Creating picture walls is a great way to add a personal touch to your home, and is a growing trend. However, it might feel a bit overwhelming. To help you on the way, we have a few ideas on how to you get started! 

1. Get inspired, collect and choose your style

The very first step is to find the styles of the posters you want to add to your wall. Beautiful prints is a starting point, after that you can add your own photos from travels, pages from your favourite magazines or postcards from a dear friend - as long as they mean something to you and makes you happy. We recommend you to choose one colour scheme and stick to it, and go for frames with a clean profile - it's the posters that should be in focus, the frames are there to enhance the prints. 

2. Plan the layout of your picture wall

Start preparing by putting the frames on the floor behind your wall, and place the frames as you like to have them. This will give you a great overview and makes it easier to try out different layouts. Maybe you need to add another poster, or you might need to remove one of the prints. Take a step back and look from a bit of a distance, to get the best overview. 

3. Start hanging your posters on the wall

It might feel a bit daunting to hit the first nail in the wall, but with good preparations it will all go well. Pick one of your frames and hold it against the wall to find a good height. Put a small dot with a pencil at the center over the fram. Measure the distance from the top of the fram to the hanger, and use the same measurement from the dot on the wall - now you know where to put the first nail! Then you used continue in the same way with the next fram. Using a tape measure and a level is also a good tip. 

There you go, now you're ready to create your own picture wall, and mix and match your favourite posters! Remember, there is no wright or wrong, as long as you are happy with the result! We hope you will enjoy your new picture wall. 

Suggestions for layouts

Small picture wall (5)
4 posters. Total size 135x79 cm, with 5 cm spacing.

Classic picture wall (4)
3 posters. Total size 166x72 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


Small picture wall (3)
3 posters. Total size 126x42 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


Medium picture wall (8)
4 posters. Total size 166x72 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


Large picture wall (7)
4 posters. Total size 263x102 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


Small collage for dresser or shelf (6)
3 posters. Total size approximately 90x72 cm. 


Large picture wall tavelvägg (1)
8 posters. Total size 193x125 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


Large picture wall (2)
12 posters. Total size 144x115 cm, with 5 cm spacing.


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