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Feathers of different shapes are a classic design for posters, and create calm and a softness when using it in your interior design.

Posters and prints with feathers

Feathers have been a very popular motif  for prints and posters for a long time. With its softness but still distinctive shape, it is a design that looks good in all homes and makes a beautiful detail in a picture wall consisting of paintings and posters in different styles. Combining fashion posters with a print with a feather is both beautiful and trendy.

We work with many different Scandinavian designers, and they all make different interpretations of how a feather can look. The poster can be dreamy soft and painted in watercolor, or based on a drawing with more contrast and attitude. All our posters are printed on high quality matte paper. If you are thinking of creating a trendy poster wall, we can offer you ideas and inspiration for different themes.