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21st Century 3/3

IA Prints

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"21st Century" is a collection of posters of the three works in the form of different hands symbolizes and reflects many of the social phenomena that occur in the 2000s society, nationally and internationally. The three works are all individually important, but be also open to your own interpretation and analysis.

People are interesting creatures. We all want to live a long and healthy life, but stressed it wildly. There are lots of organizations that work to fight cancer, and some of us also contribute some money now and then. But yet we continue to kill us. It all goes into one big wheels and the majority of us do our best to deny it.

cigarette and "fuck cancer bracelet" is just an example, or a metaphor for the phenomenon. Double standards are present all the time, everywhere. We donate money to charities to prevent child labor, but we buy clothes and goods without knowing where they come from. We think that war is the worst thing that exists and we can not understand how it exists, but Sweden is one of the world's largest arms exporters in relation to GDP and head. Until Voted politicians sit and to govern our country for people's different needs, but care more about their career and reputation. You can probably think of more examples.

There are many situations and all we complain about it, but do we do something about it? People are interesting creatures.

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