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Poster with a hand drawn mouth and a cigarette. search: "IDC" (I Don't Care)

The thing about smoking is very interesting. There's nothing cool about it - let's not deny it. But what is it that's cool then? Is that how you look with a cigarette in his mouth? Or is it the fact that it is dangerous? Or maybe the person just does not care? Maybe it serves as a hallmark to clarify a personality that you want to radiate, that you just do not care.

The mouth on the picture is from a person I met in Rio de Janeiro when I lived there for two months in the fall of 2019. She was named Malu and was probably the coolest person I've met. Not that she smoked, but just that "I-don't-care" attitude she radiated like no other. Sometimes you have to be more like Malu.

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